Hi, I'm Riyadh!

I enjoy working in the intersection of UX Design, Research, and UI Development. I am interested in designing products with impact.


UX Design & Research


Competitive Analysis, Literative Review, Stakeholder Interviews, Contextual Enquiry, User Research (surveys, focus groups, interviews, ethnography), Analyze Business Requirements/Goals


Persona, Brainstorming, Sketching


Use cases, Scenarios, Storyboarding, Mental model, Experience map, Workflow diagram, Card sorting, Affinity diagramming


Wireframing, Prototyping (high and low fidelity including paper prototypes and fully functional prototypes)


A/B testing, Usability testing, Quantitative and qualitative analysis, Heuristic evaluation


Design specifications and guidelines, High fidelity functional proof-of-concept


Visual Design

Common graphical assets (e.g. icon, logo, banner), Infographic


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, FlexBox, Skeleton, JavaScript, ActionScript, Java, C# (.NET), C++, Android SDK, Titanium, Hybrid Apps, Ionic, PhoneGap, Software modeling (UML, OCL), Requirement engg. (URN, GRL)


Axure RP, Marvel, Pencil, InVision, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, IBM SPSS, JMP SAS, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Matlab, Arduino, Github, SVN, BugZilla, Wordpress, Matlab, QGIS

Work History

Analyzing software development and research activities to identify eligible R&D activities

Preparing technical summaries of SR&ED claim involving R&D projects of different technological domains

Networking with tech startups, incubators, and internal initiatives in order to build strategic relationship

Designed and developed an online photography platform from scratch

Developed and refined platform guidelines through an iterative process by interacting with the end-users

Designed and developed interaction techniques for deformable smartphone

Developed Infra-red motion tracker to auto-adjust projected display on handheld prototypes

Conducted user study and performed quantitative and qualitative analysis on the collected user data

Designed and developed UI and interaction techniques for several form factors including tablet and desktop

Conducted usability testing and performed quantitative and qualitative analysis

Developed Natural User Interface (NUI) for stationary screens based on image feature detection

Designed and developed several websites including business portfolio, mobile app landing page

Worked with multiple CMS and APIs

Taught undergraduate level engineering courses and co-supervised student projects

Performed BTS/BSC/MSC commissioning and troubleshooting, and supervised sub-contractor teams



Masters of Applied Science in Human Computer Interaction (2014)


Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010)



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