Hi, I’m Riyadh.

Short Bio
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I enjoy working in the intersection of UX Design, Research, and UI Development. I have experience in designing interaction techniques and user interfaces for multiple platforms (desktop, web, mobile). I have been involved in all the aspects of UX Design and Research including discovery, ideation, refinement, design, testing, and delivery phase.

I have designed and developed several responsive websites and hybrid mobile apps. I have also developed high fidelity functional prototypes using main stream programming languages. I have a mixed background with a Masters in Human Computer Interaction and Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Some of my projects have been published in prestigious CHI and other conferences.

I currently serve as a Technical Consultant at KPMG Canada (Ottawa). I spend some of my free time helping charities and non-profit organizations to imrpove their digital presence. Click here to download my resume. If you are interested in exploring my work, please keep scrolling.


Work Samples

  • Bend Gestures

    Bend Gestures

  • ThumbTouch


  • Common Giving App

    Common Giving App

  • NGG: Not Google Glass

    NGG: Not Google Glass

  • Common Giving Website

    Common Giving Website

  • Bangladeshism Photography

    Bangladeshism Photography

  • Global Warming Campaign

    Global Warming Campaign

  • Auto-calibration of Projected Display for Usability Testing

    Auto-calibration of Projected Display for Usability Testing

  • 2D Object Detection and a Concept UI

    2D Object Detection and a Concept UI

  • Privacy Settings Visualization

    Privacy Settings Visualization

  • Web Projects at Mobilithink

    Web Projects at Mobilithink

  • Interactive NUI Gallery

    Interactive NUI Gallery


Want to chat? Feel free to give me a shout: Email, LinkedIn, Twitter