I am a UX designer and researcher. I have a Masters in Human Computer Interaction, and served in UX related roles for more thanĀ 2 years. I am passionate about designing superior user experience delivered through digital interfaces. I like helping organisations to understand needs of their users through well-established methods (and empathy), fuse those needs with business requirements and technical feasibility in order to determine the design goals, collaborate and iterate to craft design ideas to achieve those designs goals, evaluate the ideas through high and low fidelity prototypes and wireframes, and validate the design with users as often as possible. In addition, I have some experience in coding (e.g. HTML/CSS, JavaScript), sufficient enough to quickly develop high fidelity prototypes.

Have a look at my recent projects, andĀ feel free to share your thoughts!

In my leisure, I like spending time with family, reading, and travelling. I also allocate some of my personal time to run a campaign called ‘Common Giving‘ that primarily aims to sponsor orphans in developing countries. I also design apps and websites under the banner of ‘Common Giving Labs‘ (an extension of Common Giving campaign) that aims to enhance the digital presence of non-profit organisations, and build socially beneficial digital products.