Bangladeshism Photography

UI Design / Information Architecture / Development

This was a short term contract work for Bangladeshism. I designed and developed their new photography platform from scratch. The site is primarily focused on showcasing photographs by Bangladeshism social fans.

I learned about Pencil during this project which is an open source tool usefulĀ for prototyping layout. It became one of my favorites because of its simplicity.

Bangladeshims Photography Image

I designed the layout of the website as well as the information architecture for showcasing the photographs. The design iterations involved interacting with the social users of this platform. We integrated many of their feedback into the operational strategy for this platform.

Bangladeshism Photography Logo

The logo was designed to retain the flavour of the original Bangladeshim logo but still provide a sense of 'photography'

Bangladeshims Photography Image

Front Page Layout of Bangladeshism Photography

The top navigation provides an easy way to browse through the site. It was designed to allow the users to easily explore different types of images related to Bangladesh. The map of Bangladesh right below emphasizes on theme of this photography platform. I kept the search option in a focused area to notify the users that they can also search photos instead of browsing them.

Bangladeshims Photography Image

Example of Categorization

Several design iterations were made to categorize the photos in a meaningful way. I conducted multiple pilot studies internally before coming up with this category.

Bangladeshims Photography Image

Social Media Marketing

Bangladeshism Photography Social Group grew substantially big within the first few months of the inauguration of the platform. I was actively involved in interacting with the social media fan groups and contributed to the growth of the fan base.

Bangladeshims Photography Image